13 Unique Musical Instruments You Can Easily Learn to Play – 2021 Guide – Chart Attack

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Img source: pinterest.com Music is one of the main sources of entertainment for thousands of years. Also, many tribes are using various instruments during ceremonies even today. Most of us are familiar with the popular instruments like piano, guitar, saxophone, and others. However, during the evolution of music, there were hundreds of instruments invented that … Read more

The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar – 2021 Home Guide for Beginners – Chart Attack

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Img source: pexels.com No matter how old you are, learning something new is always refreshing and exciting. Learning to play the guitar may be the most wonderful thing you can do for yourself. It is a way to rest and enjoy all those wonderful songs you used to listen to all the time. However, you … Read more

4 Types Of Music That Increase Your Productivity – 2021 Guide – Chart Attack


img source: pexels.com Music is what wakes us up, shakes us up, and moves us. Almost all activities will seem easier and more interesting if they are just seasoned with a few good tones. And is it the same in the business environment, is music in the workplace desirable or not? How does it affect … Read more

4 Health Benefits from Playing Piano – 2021 Guide – Chart Attack

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img source: pexels.com Pianos are around us for more than a couple of centuries as of now. Even though they are considered to be one of the most popular instruments in the world, they weren’t as common until lately. The reason is that, back in the day, they were pretty expensive. Therefore, they represented a … Read more

MP3: Albee Al – Guide Me Lord

Albee Al Guide Me Lord MP3 Albee Al comes through with a song released titled “Guide Me Lord” and is right here for your fast download. Listen & Download Albee Al – Guide Me Lord Below:  https://vevosongs.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Albee_Al_-_Guide_Me_Lord.mp3 DOWNLOAD MP3 This song MP3: Albee Al – Guide Me Lord Mp3 Download has been released for your download … Read more

Learn to Play Guitar at Home – 2021 Guide – Chart Attack

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Img source: unsplash.com Learning a new skill, no matter how easy or hard it is generally taught to be, requires a great amount of hard work, dedication, and practice. This is especially true when learning how to play a new instrument is concerned. And what better musical instrument to learn at the start of your … Read more

5 Most Successful and Richest R&B Singers Of All Time – 2020 Guide – Chart Attack


Img source: pexels.com Is there one person among you reading this article who doesn’t listen to music? We truly doubt so. Music is a wonderful thing, which has been an integral part of human life for thousands of years and should remain so. The only thing that is changing is the genre of music that … Read more

How to Build a Home Music Studio in a Garden Log Cabin – 2020 Guide – Chart Attack


Img source: unsplash.com Every experienced musician knows that creating a studio is a difficult process. Not only do you have to consider the hefty price while building it, but it is also important to consider the noise. Building a studio in your own home is not exactly very practical. You probably do not want annoying … Read more

How to Affordably Shoot a Music Video in Florida – 2020 Guide – Chart Attack

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Img source: unsplash.com The business of shooting, editing and producing music videos is a business for a reason – somewhere, someway, somehow, money is going to change hands. If you’re looking to shoot a music video though, there are plenty of methods to help cut down on the costs associated with getting one shot, trimmed … Read more

Reasons Why You Should Turn Your Talent for Piano Into a Career – 2020 Guide – Chart Attack

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Img source: unsplash.com Do you ever wish that you could play piano flawlessly like the lead pianists in jazz bands? Whether you are an amateur or pro, playing piano would somehow lead to a music industry career. You could also be doing it for fun or preparing for special moments such as birthdays and weddings. … Read more

5 Simple Tips For Faster Video-Music Editing – 2020 Guide – Chart Attack

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img source: unsplash.com Making and editing videos is not an easy task. Contrary to common belief, it requires a lot of time and practice actually to nail the art of flawless editing. If you are a fan of YouTube and find yourself on the app almost all the time you use your phone, you are … Read more