5 of the Most Famous Boy Bands of All Time


5 of the Most Famous Boy Bands of All Time

The world of music is always full of talented people, no matter their age or gender. Over the
past few years, we saw people with enormous talent rise to the skies of fame with their unique
music and abilities to make their fans shake their souls out to the beat. Many names stars have
emerged; however, boy bands remain everyone’s all-time favorite. From watching your favorite
boy bands on Disney shows to attending their live concerts, you must have enjoyed every bit of
music by your favorite guy group.

Boy band lovers are always intrigued to know more about their favorite celebrities. If you’re one
of them, questions like “How old is Harry Styles?” and “Who are the most famous Boy
Bands?” must have crossed your mind. Though many boy bands have broken apart, many
continue to win millions of hearts to date.
Top 5 Most Famous Boy Bands of All Time
Do you want to know more about the boy band talents that the world has witnessed? Here’s a
list of the top five boy bands that gained the most fame:
The Jackson 5
Yes! You guessed it right! The king of pop Michael Jackson started his early career in a boy
band named The Jackson 5 back in 1969.

Later he rose to fame as a solo artist and made the
world go crazy. However, the Jackson 5 siblings remain the pioneers of many musical
conventions that even today’s boy bands follow.
Backstreet Boys
The “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” boy band was the bestselling boy band of all times and rose
to fame like no other. Despite their split, the Backstreet Boys remain the favorite of millions of
admirers. They were at the peak of popularity in the 2000s and even had their comic book
called “Backstreet Project.”

NSYNC gave a series of hits before blessing the world with Justin Timberlake. Though the
talented artist parted ways and went solo, the iconic songs like “Girlfriend” will forever remain
in the hearts of NSYNC fans. This boy band was on the heights of fame and stardom in the late
90s and early 2000s, but destiny had other plans.
One Direction

With the most charming and handsome boys in the band, One Direction made it to top charts
in the UK and the USA. From Zayn Malik to Harry Styles, every band member was

super-talented, and the people went crazy over their music. Though the band split, members of
this band made it big in the industry going solo. Harry styles especially gained massive
popularity and fandom with people getting obsessed with the cute looks. The search engines
became flooded with questions like “How old is Harry Styles?” to know more about their
favorite celebrity.

BTS is perhaps the new generation’s most-followed and loved boy band with a massive army
of followers known as the BTS army. The K pop music band BTS has the most charming young
boys that create the best and inspiring music that makes everyone fall in love with them.
Currently, BTS is the most famous boy band worldwide. With multiple awards, millions of fans,
and fantastic music BTS is a sensation and trendsetter.
Only a true music lover understands the role of boy bands in the music industry. If you’re one
of the authentic music fans, you must have all the knowledge about all the top stars like “How
old is Harry Styles?” and “How BTS gained a huge fan following?” The truth is, boy bands have
contributed a lot in the creation of fantastic music and continue to set new records and make
the public fall in love with them!

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